Barnett Freedman, MacDonald Gill, and Colne Valley Cloth

Some images from a book published by The Huddersfield and District Woollen Export Group in 1947. What could have been a dull concoction of facts figures and diagrams is turned into something special by the Curwen Press and their roster of artists. No job was too mundane that it could not be made into something beautiful and fun to make. The wrapper, book covers and end-papers are designed and hand lithographed by Barnett Freedman, the master of auto-lithography. There are several maps drawn and lettered by MacDonald Gill the lesser known brother of Eric Gill, including a fold out and spectacular coloured map too big and elaborate to scan. There are also a series of workmanlike but excellent line drawings illustrating the text by Harold Blackburn. All in all a stunning example of The Curwen press ethos.


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I am an author print maker and illustrator of books both for children and adults.
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2 Responses to Barnett Freedman, MacDonald Gill, and Colne Valley Cloth

  1. Phil Abel says:

    Stunning. The covers and endpapers alone make it highly desirable, and the rest is just as good. Seen through the press by Francis Meynell too. I hope they got lots of exports from it.

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